Secretary's Message

Matoshri Education Society, envision that for an outstanding institution to be created, it must start by kindling the fire of true knowledge and passion for excellence in the young hearts and minds, not to be another run of the mill college but an institute whose goal will always remain to excel in all the fields and build responsible citizens of the modern competitive world. ... Read more


Er. Kunal N. Darade

Secretary, Matoshri Edu. Soc.

Principal's Message

I feel immense pleasure to convey my message to the teacher Educators and teacher- trainees of this esteemed college of Education where thousands of teacher-trainees aspire to be true teachers, in their glorious and prosperous future. All of you are the pillars of Education with immense strength and global quality of dissemination of education ... Read more


Dr.Vaishali P. Suryawanshi



  • To empower thorough education; People who are economically & Socially Challenged
  • To transform Teacher Trainees into change Agents &Leaders of Changes.
  • To enhance the employability of Teachers Trainees through skill sets designed for Value addition.


  • Vision Based Strategy to provide holistic education.
  • Program to see beyond examinations and make partnering in Nation building process.
  • Trans-Curricular skills set to make them employable.
  • Off-Campus Programs to sensitize the towards Social causes.